Welcome to the InRuTou Sharing Platform!

This social media platform is dedicated to the sharing of experiences among participants to the InRuTou project pilot training in Austria, Romania, Italy, Poland and Ukraine. The aim of the platform is to document about country progresses towards the design and development of innovative rural touristic products and to inspire colleagues in other European countries.

The plaftorm is one of the component of the learning experience of the InRuTou project, together with the learning platform. The sharing platform is the virtual space where the transversal module of the training is documented, that is to say, where where pilot areas share their progresses toward the conception of innovative rural products both within national groups and across national borders.

The platform can also inspire other rural areas who wants to develop innovative rural products and wants to undertake the InRuTou learning experiece: its structure can show to future potential stakeholder how to organise sharing and discussion within groups of participants, and its content can be leverage for the creation of similar innovative rural products in other European areas.

In this platform you’ll find:

:: blogposts related to InRuTou pilot areas progresses during and beyond the learning experience leading to the design and production of touristic rural products, in English. This area is dedicated to cross-national online sharing.

:: Pilot areas’ groups devoted to community discussion among participants of a given pilot area, in national languages.

:: A dedicated group for trainers, where they can share their experiences first as learners and then as trainers during the InRuTou project.


If you are a a participant of the InRuTou pilot area you may want to download here the Sharing Platform Tutorial!

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